Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saga of the Rooftop Cargo Box

The original plan was to leave this morning, which turned out to be a rather optimistic underestimation. We evaluated the stuff situation and decided to get a rooftop cargo box from REI. Unfortunately, the model we wanted, the Thule Sidekick was only available at the REI in Baileys Crossroads, Virginia, so at 11 am, our original departure time the Saga of the Rooftop Cargo Box begins. We purchased the Box and began to assemble it in the parking lot while several bus stop patrons looked on, but quickly realized that it required some basic tools that were not currently in our possession. After returning to Silver Spring we assembled the Box and attempted to attach it to the roof rack where we found that the attachment points were slightly too far out of alignment with the rack and we would have to adjust the roof rack. After a few calls to the local Subaru dealership, a trip up to that dealership, a couple of screwdrivers (the tool, not the drink), and 4 hours later, we determined that the 1997 Subaru Outback Sport does not have an adjustable roof rack. At this point we will not give in! Determined to win we drilled an extra couple of holes on the bottom of the box, refit the attachments and easily secured it to the car (elapsed time since purchase = 6 hours). We may have set a record for the longest instillation time for a Thule Box but finally the car is completely packed and ready to go. New ETD is Sunday morning.

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