Wednesday, January 31, 2007

King of Rock and Interior Design

We kicked off Monday with a stop at Monell's in Nashville, Tennessee for an early lunch. We got there at half past ten, and were the first guests in the door. Seating at Monell's is communal but we ended up at a large communal table alone while it filled up with food. Particularly noteworthy were the peach preserves, biscuits, and meatloaf. Highly recommended!!! Stuffed to the gills we continued on to Memphis and Graceland!

Graceland was surprisingly modest on the outside, however, this was more than made up for by the king's fabulous 70s interior decor. Our favorites were the yellow and navy blue TV room with mirrored ceiling, the fabric covered pool room, and of course the famous Jungle Room. In addition to the mansion we checked out other Elvis memorabilia including stage costumes, cars and airplanes. Now we finally know what to do with a bedazzler.

For some reason there was a Weinermobile parked in the Graceland parking lot.

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Talia said...

Graceland rocks!!! You should add some interior pictures for those who have (sadly) never been to Graceland. I have about 70 fabulous pictures from my trip last year so I might beat you to it.