Monday, January 29, 2007

Of Foamhenge and inedible snacks

Welcome to Central Standard Time, it's a crisp Monday morning west of Knoxville (off exit 238 of I40, in Lebanon, Tennessee). Sahrye made good distance and time yesterday, we even had time to stop and visit the most sacred of sacred sites in this wonderful country, no not Graceland that's today. I'm talking about Foamhenge, built by Neolithic Tennessean Man out of neolithic packing foam (one can only guess) as a astronomical calendar to predict the arrival of tourists in the far distant future. Well done neolithic Tennessean man, well done.

Twizzlers, the all American snack, right? Well I've never been a fan but in hunger jam I wouldn't turn one down. Not so with Twizzlers Rainbow pack, yuk, completely disgusting, the texture is all wrong and the flavors weird. Buried under a snow storm in the Blue Mountains of Tennessee I'd rather eat cardboard. Luckily we brought Pringles!

Today, we're making the pilgrimage to Graceland. Nuff said.


Emily said...

So jealous--if only I could be viewing the world wonder Foamhenge instead of stuck here in arctic DC! Thanks for the tip on the rainbow twizzlers--I will avoid them (darn, they had looked so grossly appealing in the store...).

Hal and Sahrye said...

Correction: Foamhenge which is a side attraction of Natural Bridge is located in the state of Virginia not Tennessee. Oops.